Privacy notice

Thank you for considering an application to the HagerGroup!
In this privacy notice we will lay out what happens with your data surrounding the online application process.

We will provide you with information about:


  1. Your privacy rights and how you can exercise them
  2. What data we treat as personal data
  3. Personal data we collect
  4. Personal data we receive from other sources
  5. The Use of your personal data by the HagerGroup
    • what role the HagerGroup plays in the processing
    • The legal basis for processing
    • Transfers of your data
    • Retention of your data
  6. Sharing of your personal data
  7. Protection of your data
  8. Minors
  9. Data Protection Officer

In case you have questions not answered in this document or if you wish to contact us about this, you can reach our data protection officer by sending an email to:

The data protection officer is independent in their role and will treat your requests confidentially.

1. Your privacy rights and how you can exercise them.

In order to make you feel at ease with the processing of your personal data by the HagerGroup we will inform you anytime about what personal data the HagerGroup has collected about you within its retention period. Furthermore we will inform you upon request about the processes your personal data is or has been involved in. You may rectify your personal data at any time.

You also have the right to erasure and to restrict the processing of your personal data. (GDPR Art. 17 & 18) The Hager Group will make sure to apply all your rights upon request without undue delay.  

Nonetheless we may need to store or use your data to comply with legal obligations even if you made a request to exercise any of the rights above. We might also use the collected data in legal actions. (GDPR Art. 9 (2) (f))
Please use this link for any questions or requests relating to this Policy, raise any concerns or exercise you rights.
Any complaints about the Hager Group concerning your personal data can be filed with the supervisory authority:

Unabhängiges Datenschutzzentrum Saarland
Fritz-Dobisch-Straße 12
66111 Saarbrücken
Tel. (0681) 94781-0



2. What data we treat as personal data

The HagerGroup considers any data that can be used to identify you or identifies you as personal data. (GDPR Art. 4 (1)) Therefor we will treat any such information with the security measures and practices outlined in this privacy statement.

Some information you might provide in i.e. in your CV such as religion we treat as sensitive personal data. (GDPR Art 9) Within the application process we might need to access criminal records in a background check. We are aware of the highly sensitive nature of such data and will apply security measures to protect your data accordingly. (GDPR Art. 9& 10)

3. Personal data we collect

During your application process we may collect data involving your identification and contact information. This may include your name, gender, address, date and place of birth and such. In your CV you will have provided us with data about your employment and educational background such as former jobs, qualifications and details about your education.
As this data will be connected with your name we will also treat information like job title and details as private data. Previous applications and jobs may be linked with your online application on Success Factors.

When you are using the online application process we will also collect data about the computer or device you use to access the application website. This data may include your IP address, device type, unique device identification numbers, browser data, broad geographic location and such technical information. You can control tracking and the use and collection of such data via the Cookie notice.

4. Personal data we receive from other sources

If you use a public website or social media platforms (i.e. LinkedIn) we may obtain your personal data through those. In the same manner, when you apply via a job board your CV may be send to us for the application process. We might also obtain information from your former employer. In some cases we will carry out background or criminal records checks.

5. The Use of your personal data by the HagerGroup

We collect and process your personal data for the application process and management.

a. what role the HagerGroup plays in the processing

The subsidiary of the Hager Group you apply to is the controller of your data.

b. The legal basis for processing

We will process the personal data about you we collect during the online application process based on the necessity to manage our relationship with you. This process is  based on our legitimate interests to carry out recruitment and to manage the hiring process. (GDPR Art. 6 (1) (1) (f))

Where you are considered for employment, also to take steps prior to entering an employment contract with you. (GDPR Art. 6 (1) (b))

We may also use your personal data to comply with applicable laws and regulations, or to protect the rights and interests of Hager, our employees, applicants and others, as required and permitted by applicable law. (GDPR Art 6 (1) (c))

c. Transfers of your data

The HagerGroup operates internationally. We make an effort not to transfer your data if it is not absolutely necessary for your career planning. In some processes consequently we may transfer data to countries outside the EU. In such cases we will implement security measures to ensure your private data is safe.

d. Retention of your data

If your personal data is no longer necessary to carry out a purpose as described in this privacy notice or to comply with applicable law we will no longer retain it. Generally your profile and data will be deleted after 2 years after your last log in. Prior to deleting your account we may send you an email informing you about the deletion.

SAP Success Factors builds the basis for our online application process, therefor personal data might be shared with them. Furthermore your personal data will be stored on the SAP Data Center in Germany.

6. Sharing of your personal data

We take care to limit the access to your personal data only to those requiring such access to perform their task or duty. 

7. Protection of your data

Numerous technical, physical and administrative safeguards are in place to protect your data i.e. firewalls, limited access and encryption.

8. Minors

If you are under the age of 16 please do not submit your application via the online application process. Human resources will separately check any applications from minors.

9. Data Protection Officer

Gunterstal 6
Verimax GmbH
Martina Renner
Warndststraße 115
D-66127 Saarbrücken
Tel.: +49 89 8006578-0