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Customs Specialist


Customs is your domain? Customs inspire you? Customs is your passion?

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We are currently looking for a permanent  postion of Customs Specialist for our location Huizhou/China.

Key Responsibilities岗位职责:

  1. 负责日常进出口申报,上料订车及跟进,报关资料制作工作(包含快递、设备);
  2. 负责检验检疫模块业务办理和原产地申领;
  3. 负责维护申报系统基础数据库资料和统计进出口数据,确保准确无误  (具备商品归类能力);
  4. 协助管理保税物料库存并完成相关库存平衡分析报表  


Position Requirements任职要求:

  1. 全日制本科以上学历,掌握国际商务英语;
  2. 3年以上电子或贸易相关行业报关经验,熟悉海关AEO认证标准、海关稽核查流程、保税日常管理及改善优先;
  3. 熟练操作单一窗口、关务系统、SAP等系统,以及office办公软件;
  4. 熟悉掌握海关操作流程、法律法规、监管制度以及基本的国际贸易及物流等相关知识;
  5. 英语基本的读写能力,英语四级以上优先;
  6. 具备良好的协作沟通能力以及学习能力。

Our offer 
You can expect a position with responsibility and variety in an international and innovative environment and motivated team. We offer intensive integration, an attractive and fair compensation as well as internal and external training.

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